Are you struggling to search for a perfect gift for your lovely Christian woman? Normally, women who put their faith in God always regard his teaching as the most precious blessing. Therefore, when it comes to Christian gifts for women, you should find the one that implies a meaningful message to her belief.

Here is the list of top 12 items you should take into consideration:

12 Christian Gifts For Women

1. She Is Fearless T-shirt

A simple T-shirt with encouragement: "She is Fearless" could be a great incentive for every girl. T-shirts are the most common item in a girl's closet due to their simplicity and various colors. Therefore, this item should be on top of mind when it comes to buying a gift. 

Furthermore, the slogan: "She is Fearless" is a piece of apparent evidence of internal strength and great spirit. It delivers an inspirational message to the receiver that she is a strong and courageous woman.  

2. The King Is Coming Shirt

The basic T-shirt with the embellishment of a small white crown and the saying "King is Coming" below could be a fashionable item for any woman. "King is Coming" is an indication of the return of Jesus, which signals a joyful world in which people live in peacefulness. No girl can resist such a meaningful and lovely gift like this shirt at all.

3. Beloved Shirt

The stylized font of the word "Beloved" printed on this top item will be an appropriate gift for a virtuous girl. This single word is a good reminder of Romans 1:7, which elucidates a message that anyone loved by God will be given peace and grace. Whether it is Christmas or Mother's Day, this Beloved shirt can be an evocative present to delight your woman. This shirt is not only a great wearing item but also a great inspiration for the receiver's emotion.

4. Thankful Shirt

If you are searching for a basic shirt, this Thankful shirt should be on the top of the list. Since it is 100% made from airlum combed and ring-spun cotton, it will bring out extreme cooling and absorbance to the users. 

Besides, the printed on the shirt delivers an insightful message about gratitude: Be thankful to God and his blessing. This basic shirt can be a perfect item in any mix-and-match concept.

5. Jesus Loves You Sweatshirt

Apart from those lovely T-shirts, a thin sweatshirt is also a perfect choice for your beloved woman. The sweatshirt with a printed quote: "Jesus Loves You," is all you need for an intimate greeting. 

Not to mention, there is a matter of fact that this is one of the most powerful words for men to show off their hidden affection to their women. Therefore, if you don't know how to express your love in words, this sweatshirt will be presentative of you.

6. Grateful Sweatshirt

If a basic and active style is your girl's preference, you couldn't miss this unisex Grateful sweatshirt. With the mixture of cotton and polyester, the coat is promised to give you comfort and warmth in the cold winter. 

Moreover, the shirt is sewed in double needle cuffs and stitching to boost the shirt's consistency during hard-core activities. In terms of the quote's meaning, the word "Grateful" is similar to "Thankful". Both of them deliver a positive and inspirational emotion for the receiver regarding how grateful she is towards our Jesus.

7. Faith Can Move Mountains Sweatshirt

Another unisex sweater you should consider is the Faith Can Move Mountains sweatshirt. With the iconic image of a mountain and a small quote below: "Faith Can Move Mountain", this is a strong motto for anyone losing the courage to achieve their goal. This shirt is a quick reminder about Matthew 17:20: As long as you have faith, you can do everything; nothing is impossible once you put your belief in your ability.

8. He Heals The Brokenhearted Hoodie

Assuming that you are in an extremely frozen winter, the ultimate item you are looking for is a nice warm hoodie. On top of that, He Heals The Brokenhearted hoodie, with many outstanding features, will meet your demands. The thick cotton materials, in combination with a kangaroo pocket, will give you extra warmth and comfort throughout the cozy weather.

That is yet to mention its meaning: God heals your broken heart! Every delicate and sensitive girl needs His Sympathy. He will always be on your left chest to embrace your vulnerable soul.

9. Gotta Have Faith Unisex Hoodie

Inspiring your girl with a positive quote embedded on a unisex hoodie as she wants to be warmed from the deep heart in cold winter. This Gotta Have Faith hoodie with a thick fleece from the inside will make her feel more comfortable and cozy. 

Plus, the word "Faith" in a cursive font and a small heart at the end makes the shirt more attractive. It’s also a sweet reminder from you that she should have faith in God!

10. Make Heaven Crowded Hoodie

This simple hoodie is also a must-have item in a girl's wardrobe. The quote brings along the belief in heaven and the joyfulness of life to the one wearing this hoodie. The words are printed in a basic font, but it comprises an insightful meaning. It teaches you to tone yourself and bring out the better you so that you can have a place in heaven. Isn’t this what Jesus tells us all the time?

11. God Is Within Her She Will Not Fail Bracelet

A bracelet is not a bad idea if you want to find an item that can be worn daily rather than occasionally. The God Is Within Her She Will Not Fail bracelet is worth considering as it has a basic style with a meaningful message. Therefore, she can feel the inspiration and strong belief when wearing this bracelet.

12. Coffee Gets Me Started Jesus Keeps Me Going Coffee Mug

In case you have no time to choose the most suitable gift for your girl carefully, a coffee mug is the easiest option. The mug with the quote: "Coffee Gets Me Started Jesus Keeps Me Going" is a great encouragement to boost her mood in the morning. It could be an extremely precious present to those who favor coffee.

Signs That Your Christian Girlfriends Like Your Gift

After a long time evaluating and choosing the final gift, you may wonder whether she loves it or not. Here are some apparent signals implying that she really appreciates your present:

  • She shows cheerfulness from first sight: The majority of women will smile when she is given a gift matching their recent needs. Maybe, she will end up saying: "Thank you very much!" or "I like it!". In some circumstances, your partner is an introverted girl who is very shy to express her feelings; she may not shout out her excitement. But she will show her great preference through long-term actions.
  • She uses the gift frequently: Providing that she loves your present, she will use it on a frequent basis, such as: at school, at a dating place, etc. That behavior is the most obvious evidence of her appreciation of your present. 
  • She shows it to everyone: One more signal indicating her eagerness is her reaction to other people with your gift. If she loves your gift, she won't hesitate to share it with friends.


To wrap up, finding Christian gifts for women is not too difficult once you get the hang of her real reference. A girl who puts her heart into God's guidance will honestly appreciate the present you give her. 

It is because the most precious gift is the one that can both make her more beautiful and give her more positive energy. If you want to look up a wider category, visit Creativity Faith to pick the best gift for your woman.